The measure of: U-Boat Worx’s Nautilus superyacht

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Dutch submersible specialist U-Boat Worx unveiled an underwater superyacht concept called Nautilus during the 2022 Monaco Yacht Show in September.

The idea of a superyacht that pampers guests with luxury both atop and below the waterline is one that has long been a fantasy for demanding billionaires. But with the Nautilus, U-Boat Worx is determined to bring the concept to reality.

Capable of functioning as both an on-water vessel and a submersible, Nautilus has a depth rating of over 200m. The diesel-electric craft has a surface cruise speed of nine knots and an underwater speed of four knots and can stay underwater for up to four days at a time, according to the company.


Image credit: Cover Images

When functioning as a yacht, Nautilus has a range of relaxation and recreational features including a sizeable sundeck equipped with a freshwater pool, a bar and a dining table where guests can enjoy meals from the fully equipped galley. This alfresco arrangement can be retracted to create the submersible configuration.

When not in use, its owners can dock Nautilus at any quay that can accommodate its 6.5m draught, the Dutch company added.

Nautilus also houses a pressure-resistant electrical tender, which is stowed under the aft deck. This tender, called Aronnax, may be used for transporting five scuba divers underwater to the intended dive location.

Vital statistics: Nautilus superyacht

Length of vessel: 37.5m 

Draught: 6.4m

Depth rating: 200m

Weight of vessel: 1,250t

Surface cruise speed: 9kn (16.7km/h)

Underwater speed: 4 knots

Underwater endurance at cruise speed: 6hr

Time it could stay underwater continuously: 4 days

Nautical miles: 3,200 (6,000km) range

Number of passengers: 10 plus 7 crew members

Dinner and lounge area: 50m2

Circular windows each with a 4m diameter

Starting price of yacht: €25m

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