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IFS Cloud 22R2 platform promises advanced digital capabilities

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Software company IFS has announced the release of its updated cloud solution that aims to empower organisations with intelligent insight and accelerate automation efforts within their business practices.

The company’s October release of IFS Cloud 22R2 is designed to support end-to-end process automation and provide organisations with advanced analytics capabilities.

The release apparently includes over 340 new features and advancements to speed up IFS’ customers’ journey to digitalisation.

“With each successive evolution of IFS Cloud, we are continuously looking to develop the solution to ensure it is fully aligned to how customers buy and use technology,” said Christian Pederson, chief product officer at IFS.

“Today, our customers are telling us they are looking to speed up automation and attain intelligent insights faster.”

According to IFS, the release’s heightened automation will continue to help “organisations transform operations, work efficiently and liberate staff”.

IFS Cloud 22R2 will also help “rescue the time, effort and resource burden”, whilst “increasing the quality of work and experience across industries”.

New automation features in the evolved IFS Cloud include a streamlined manufacturing execution system (MES) to improve product quality control and performance and the use of AI and historical data-driven work schedules and job completion times to improve accuracy for technical productivity.

MES uses the Internet of Things (IoT) in combination with artificial intelligence/machine learning to improve performance based on an array of historical observations and transactions. The manufacturing sector, for example, has found this type of capability useful in its practices.

Regarding its advanced analytics, the October release of the cloud solution will build on the new architecture and new user experience, as well as automated management and deployment made available in the Spring release to further improve experience and capabilities.

The enhanced capabilities will allow customers to gain a faster understanding of key challenges across the business, transform operations, work more efficiently, and increase productivity, IFS has said.

It will also provide simpler, more intelligent analytics for faster time-to-insight and improved predictive capabilities to support planning and reduce downtime, for example.

The October release additionally supports a range of business intelligence capabilities, which will drive faster, more accurate decision-making processes, according to IFS.

“Customers want to drive productivity and operational efficiencies and through this latest release that is exactly what we have delivered to them,” Pederson said.

IFS Cloud customers benefit from twice-yearly releases of new features and capabilities, along with monthly service updates containing fixes and security patches.

The company hopes IFS Cloud 22R2 will support its customers’ journey toward digitalisation by offering the latest tools and innovations. It will also help connect to global operations and help businesses strive toward their ESG goals.

These new capabilities in the IFS Cloud also offers organisations increased operational efficiency and process optimisation. According to IFS, this is crucial to global enterprises’ growth.

“As businesses grow and branch out into new international markets, they face a range of new challenges around regulation, market practices, and operating approaches. Our October release of IFS Cloud provides businesses with the capabilities they need to navigate these challenges and thrive on the global stage,” Pederson said.

IFS focus on creating innovative solutions to help drive digitalisation within six different sectors. These include the service industries, energy utilities and resources, telecoms, aerospace and defence, manufacturing, and construction and engineering.

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