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Hands-on review: STM MagLoop kickstand

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From binge-watching boxsets to beer o'clock, this magnetic marvel has got your iPhone's back.

From the people who brought us the chonky but fonky MagPod portable tripod for MagSafe-enabled iPhones, now STM bring us the ultimate expression of Oz-tacular form-meets-function design with the MagLoop 3-in-1 kickstand, finger loop and... bottle opener.

Yep, that's right. The MagLoop is (potentially) the beach, poolside and party accessory you never knew your iPhone was missing: a neat and foldable stand with a handy bottle opener built in.

As if smartphones weren't already covering enough of our daily task bases – replacing our wallets, diaries, newspapers, books, stereos, cameras, satnavs and more – now they've even got you covered when you get a thirst on.

As simple as it is ingenious, STM refers to this MagSafe accessory as "a 3-in-1 grabber, propper and bottle popper", which pretty much describes this tool to a T.

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Held in place by Apple's MagSafe magnet array inside the rear of any iPhone 12, 13 or 14 case, the tough ABS thermoplastic polymer and silicone MagLoop essentially comprises three rings: the outer, largest plastic one to secure it to your iPhone; an inner grey silicone one that can act as a finger loop when holding your phone, and a black middle ring, which is the part that folds out to create the kickstand.

The MagLoop can be attached in any orientation that suits your needs, such that the kickstand will support horizontal or vertical use. It's as stable as you might expect if you balanced your phone using a relatively slim plastic ring, e.g. it's perfectly upstanding on tables and other flat surfaces at home or office. In the event of a train lurching sideways or during airplane turbulence, however, you may experience a drop in performance.

With all the rings folded in flat, the MagLoop can then be used to open bottle caps. Once folded in, it doesn't add a great deal of bulk to your phone, so you can still slip the handset into your pocket. Alternatively, you can simply detach the MagLoop from the phone whenever you don't want it or need it.

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And that's it. Does what it claims. Works like a charm. The MagLoop is a neatly designed answer to a question no one asked, but now that STM has mentioned it, you have to concede that it makes a good point.

The MagLoop will go with you anywhere you take your phone – and we have used the kickstand in a variety of situations, e.g. keeping an iPhone 12 upright successfully on a pebble beach for an extended period – and it's proved a very neat and portable companion.

Having a bottle opener always on hand is also surprisingly useful. Much like always having a Zippo or Clipper lighter on you, so you can oblige with grace and charm any time someone asks you if you've got a light, the MagLoop addresses this type of friendly intercourse for bottle tops. Breakfast chocolate milk. Lunchtime colas. Late-night beers. At the beach. Poolside. On the high street. In the office. You can still use it while wearing gloves, e.g. on autumn/winter hikes. You can impress friends and lovers by deftly opening their beverages when they least expect it of you. Fun, see?

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Image credit: STM

Of course, if you already have MagSafe accessories (e.g. Apple's magnetic cardholders) that you enjoy, you'll have to choose to make room for the MagLoop. There's only room for one MagSafe item at a time on the back of even the biggest iPhones.

The other obvious caveat is if you have a favourite case already covering your iPhone. The MagLoop definitely works best attached directly to the iPhone, although with some slim silicone and leather cases the magnetic attraction may still be sufficiently strong. You'd have to check your own specifics to know for sure. Our tests with a few slim cases proved positive.

Still, with these considerations considered, if you have been thinking that the back of your iPhone is wasted real estate, STM's MagLoop is an easy and companionable way to start your MagSafe accessory journey.

STM MagLoop

$29.95 (£26 approximately)

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