Oneworld 65W Travel Adapter

Hands-on review: OneWorld 65 International Adapter with 65W PD Charger

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No matter how many gadgets you pack with you on globetrotting adventures, you're always going to need a power-full companion to help keep your devices topped up. The OneWorld 65 International Adapter can take pretty much anything you throw at it, in whatever corner of the planet you find yourself.

Mains-power compatible in practically every country on Earth, the OneWorld 65 International Adapter houses one 65W USB PD charging port with QC; two USB-C smart-charging ports; two USB-A smart charging ports, and a 10A AC universal power outlet, enabling you to charge up to six devices simultaneously. For all but the most rabid gadget enthusiast, this should be more than enough I/O for the modern traveller.

The OneWorld 65 has been designed using Gallium Nitride (GaN) semiconductors, which are valued for their efficiency at transferring current (amongst other chemical advantages) and handling power supply and conversion. The goal here is to maximise energy transmission to the devices connected to the adapter, with less energy lost to heat. The real-world result is that devices should charge more reliably, consistently and - best of all in an impatient world - quickly.

The OneWorld 65 has also been designed to do all that it does safely, without shorting or overheating itself or any gadgets connected to it. It has been certified BS8546 compliant, with a fully earthed connection for the highest safety protection. It can handle up to 10A of continuous power consumption, supporting a broad input range (100-240V) from any international voltage.

Oneworld 65W Travel Adapter

Image credit: Oneworld

Physically, the charger is a neat white plastic rectangle, which will pack away into any travel bag without adding too much weight (180g) or bulk. Toss one of these into your luggage and there's almost no wall socket anywhere in the world that it can't handle. Every gadget - laptop, phone, camera, music player, headphones, games console etc, literally anything with a USB socket and cable - can then be connected and charged. The option to leave your laptop's dedicated power brick at home and travel with just this adapter is excellent.

The OneWorld 65 a great solution for the solo traveller, but equally useful for a small travelling party, as there's sufficient power I/O and speedy recharging to accommodate everyone's phone in a short space of time. You'll find yourself immensely popular if you produce one of these at the end of a long day away from wall sockets.

Oneworld 65W Travel Adapter

Image credit: Oneworld

That last point is the only caveat here: there's no stored power in the device. It's a plug. It needs a wall socket. Of course, once you've found a socket, the OneWorld 65 can be used to recharge your portable USB power banks, ready for the next day, so if you happen to have one of each in your luggage you're going to be positively oozing power 24/7.

We've also found regular use for the adapter at home, as a bonus all-powering hub for everyone's devices. Plugged into a wall socket in the living room, everyone now knows there's one easy central place to plug in multiple charging cables.

The OneWorld 65 is a neat, clever, accommodating and powerful travelling companion - exactly what we all need whenever we leave home. If you want to simplify your mobile life, this is a great solution.

OneWorld 65 International Adapter

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