Y-Brush: not smart dentures

Bizarre Tech: Y-Brush, BeautyMix and Livall smart helmet

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Hello, me again! Here’s some more tech from IFA 2022. And boy, is it bizarre. This time, we have a ‘La Z Boy’ toothbrush, a make-your-own face gunk robot, and a flashy bike helmet. Enjoy

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Get in my mouth!

I saw this on a stand at the Showstoppers event at IFA, and thought it was some sort of smart denture cleaner. But alas, I was mistaken.

Now, I love me some dental hygiene: I have a sonic toothbrush, a water flosser, and mouthwash. But good lord, it can be tedious.

According to the makers of the Y-Brush, 90 per cent of case studies show that teeth brushing is not done correctly, and that your gnashers should be brushed for two to three minutes twice a day – that’s four seconds a tooth.

With the Y-Brush, it reduces time spent brushing – you literally don’t need to do it. Just bite down on it and it gets to work obliterating the plaque and nasties in your mouth.

I didn’t test it when they handed it to me. Obviously, it wasn’t an option, but ya know. I was curious.

It works in a similar way to the normal sonic toothbrushes, which is better for your teeth and gums. The brush is flexible and in the shape of a Y (like a gum shield) so all teeth are covered.

Instead of brushing tooth by tooth as with most toothbrushes, the Y-Brush does them all at the same time and for 10 seconds (5 seconds for each set of teeth).

That’s a two-minute tooth brushing session in 10 seconds. Sounds pretty darn good to me.

So how do you use it? Well, you attach the brush to the handle, spread toothpaste on it with the applicator, choose your vibration setting, and place it onto either your top or bottom teeth. Turn it on, slightly chew and rotate the brush head. When the vibration stops, you turn the device around and pop it onto your other tooth set. Then repeat!

There are different versions of the brush head for kids, teens and adults. As it’s much easier to manoeuvre than other toothbrushes, it simplifies the task, meaning it’s good for people that have some trouble with getting the brushing motion.

The battery is rechargeable and a full charge lasts three months.

The brush head is lined with very fine nylon bristles to keep your teeth and gums safe and are inclined at a 45° angle.

The NylonStart for kids costs €89.99 (around £81). The adult NylonBlack model ranges from €129.99 to €149.99 (around £118 to £136). Get lazy brushing, people!



DIY your dermatology

There are so many ways to eff this up. Luckily, it comes with an app for foolproof instructions.

However, this is a French product so not sure if it comes with an English app. Google Translate if you’re sensible. Try it in French if you’re daring.

Launched in 2019, BeautyMix is a wee robot that makes your cosmetics and cleaning products at home. It’s also eco-friendly: BeautyMix packages all the ingredients in glass bottles so they’re reusable and returnable. It’s organic: everything contains natural ingredients, so at least you know what you’re plopping on your face and wiping all over your home. And each product can be customised to meet the needs of the consumer.

The company says “By manufacturing yourself, you control the entire chain and all the impacts of its consumption on your health and the environment. Doing it yourself, alone, with family or friends, is also a fun experience, a moment of pleasure, sharing and learning.” Huehuehuehue.

The stuff you can make includes cream, mask, scrub, makeup remover, deodorant, toothpaste, lip balm, shower gel, shampoo, after shampoo, styling gel, lipstick. ALL THE THINGS. And it takes less than 10 minutes to make a product.

So, what’s included? The gadget has a base and removable preparation tank that can be cleaned in the dishwasher. It has three modes: hot preparations, cold preparations, and cleaning programme. It also comes with a precision scale so you can weigh very small quantities.

All recipes are available online, and the free app is also packed with instructions for magical potion making.

The Robot BeautyMix and its scale, plus a starter kit and ingredients gift card worth €50 will set you back €199 (~£180).


Livall smart helmet

Rave party on your mind?

I got a pretty cool swag bag from this company’s stand – there was a rubber ducky with a bike helmet on. I love life.

Livall’s EVO21 Smart Helmet comes with a Bluetooth speaker, which is great. Unless you need to be aware of your surroundings while you’re cycling about, and you end up not hearing a horn blaring because you’re lost in the rapture of blues music.

The EVO21 is lightweight (350g) and has good ventilation, so your hair won’t be all sweaty when you reach your destination.

So, what else apart from the boombox on your head? Well, it apparently has 360° visibility coverage and comes with a brake warning light and turn signals.

Livall also has ‘patented’ fall detection and SOS technology, so when you have an accident or fall, it’ll send a message to your emergency contact with your GPS location. Fun!

The helmet has integrated wide-angle front lights and super-bright 270° rear lights, making you like a beacon in the night, or decent target practice for some budding hit and runner. I’m joking…

The LEDs (which adjust to the light) signal to drivers when you stop, turn, or ride on. Its sensors can tell when you’re slowing down, so the brake warning light comes on. Pretty smart.

The EVO21 offers three layers of head protection. The external layer is a polycarbonate  material that spreads the force of a crash, “minimising force and cushioning your head”. Then there’s  a “special” impact-resistant liner which absorbs the remaining pressure. And the final layer is memory foam, so your noggin is nice and snug.

The helmet goes for 10 hours on a single charge and turns on and off depending on whether it’s on your head. Smart.

It comes in black, purple, mint and white and it’s going for US$129.00 (about £121).

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