Gadgets: Victrola Revolution Go, Wallbox Pulsar Max, Logitech Lift and more

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From the October 2022 issue of E&T: tech to transform turntables, wheelchairs, EV charging, ironing, meetings and mice.

Victrola Revolution Go


An unusual portable turntable with built-in rechargeable battery (12-hour life), so you can spin vinyl at a picnic in the park. The guitar strap gives it a messenger bag look and the lid pops off to display favourite albums. Plus two-way Bluetooth: stream to it from a phone or from it to another speaker.


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Miele B 4826 FashionMaster


Everything you need for professional ironing results in one powerful machine. The iron boasts 4.0 bar steam pressure, a non-stick honeycomb soleplate and a 1.25-litre reservoir for an hour’s ironing. Meanwhile the steam button triggers the board’s built-in fans to either inflate clothes or suck them flat to the board for faster results.


Wallbox Pulsar Max


A small, smart EV charger that offers fast charging of up to 22kW (adjustable 6A to 32A) and the first to come in a range of colours. It offers app and voice control. You can also set it to charge your electric vehicle from your solar panels or schedule charging to take advantage of cheaper late-night electricity on some tariffs.


Vapor Wheels


Arizona-based Vapor Wheels bring mountain-bike tech and high-end materials to wheelchair wheels, with aerospace-grade hubs, composite and carbon fibre for performance and comfort. They’re now available from UK makers 360 Fabrications, for day chairs as well as sports-specific wheelchairs.

From $299 a pair

Sandberg Motion Tracking Phone Mount


Park your phone in this intelligent mount and its built-in camera tracks your movements and moves the mount accordingly, no app required. Your phone can follow you around the room, improving work meetings, online presentations and video calls to friends and family.


Logitech Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse


A wireless mouse that moves like any other, but with an ergonomic 57° angled design, so you hold it in a natural position like a handshake. Its six buttons are easy to reach and customisable. Available in three colours and also in a left-handed version.


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