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Hands-on review: 1More ComfoBuds Mini earbuds, Red Edition

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Better red than…

Earlier this year, we reviewed 1More's ComfoBuds Mini earbuds. At the time, their USP was - amongst other commendable tech spec data - that they were the ‘World’s Smallest Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds’. They might still hold that accolade for all we know. We're not aware of any competitors shouting, "Hold my beer…" and going to their workbench to wrest this tiny crown from 1More. At least, not yet.

At launch, the ComfoBuds Mini came in any colour you liked, as long as it was black or white. The classics.

Now, 1More has thrown caution to the wind and launched this striking(ly) red edition of the ComfoBuds Mini. How red are they? Very red.

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To use a Premier League football analogy, they are - despite this writer's Mancunian affiliation - what you'd probably call Liverpool Red. Manchester United, Arsenal and Nottingham Forest could also lay fair claim to this shade of red. It's a solid, bold red all over. Even the silicone tips are red. The only part of the kit not red is the inside of the charging case, which is a contrasting black (now we're in United territory). These are unquestionably very red earbuds.

Such a bold colour choice is the polar opposite approach of, for example, Kim Kardashian's recent muted, skin-toned earbuds colour "collaboration" with Beats - an idea which by all accounts, in the court of popular opinion, she appears to have lifted from JLab's Go Air Tones range, anyway.

1More's take on colour selection this time around appears to have been: go bold or go home. It'll be hard to miss someone wearing these red ComfoBuds.

Is it a nice colour, this red? Yes. Why would you want red earbuds? Personal preference. Some people want others to know that they're wearing earbuds, so it's obvious that you shouldn't simply start talking to them, expecting a response. Some people just love the colour red (see football analogy above). This is for them.

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Specifically, for the ComfoBuds Mini, a lot of users aleady love the size and design of these ’buds because they are designed to fit snugly into the ear canal, sitting flush with your ears, so that you can lie on one side without discomfort. Besides being a very popular relaxing position the world over to enjoy any aural pleasure, with these 'buds the soothing sounds of nature - e.g. rain, streams, breezes, forests, all of which are included - can also be piped into your ears either from your smartphone or directly from the earbuds themselves, to help you de-stress and unwind your mind.

You can also drift peaceably off to sleep whilst wearing these earbuds. Wearing the ComfoBuds at night is much like wearing foam earplugs: you can nod off safely, no harm done. No excess bulk digging in to your earlobes. The minimal weight of each earbud (3.7g) really gives you that 'barely there' feeling. During the recent extreme hot weather, with the windows open 24/7, anything that blocks out the sounds of the night to assist us in our slumber has been very welcome.

Everything else about this Red Edition is exactly the same as the black or white models, i.e. they're very good, very small earbuds. They still have Active Noise Cancellation (up to 40dB), as well as Transparency Mode and a Wind Noise Resistance Mode; four microphones, containing a deep-learning algorithm for optimal noise filtering and voice call quality; 7mm dynamic drivers; the ability to personalise and EQ the sound with Sonarworks SoundID; Qi Wireless Charging; 24-hour total battery life using the svelte charging case, and splashproof IPX5 water resistance. Still no support for the aptX codec, only AAC/SBC, but that won't be a dealbreaker for most people.

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If you are looking for the tiniest of earbuds that also have the tech chops to reproduce a quality sound, the ComfoBuds Mini is arguably the best option there is right now. If the black and white colour options were too pedestrian for you, maybe red will turn your head.

If red's not your thing, perhaps more colours will follow. Manchester City blue seems like it would be a big seller. Go a shade darker and you've got Chelsea and Everton fans on board as well. Or perhaps a black and white stripe version for the Toon Army?

We jest. In all seriousness, the Red Edition of the ComfoBuds Mini True Wireless ANC earbuds is available now. While the list price is around £93 - which is looking a little high now in these straitened, soaring energy price-cap times - if you shop around/shop quickly there are good deals to be had. Come on, you Reds.

1More ComfoBuds Mini, Red Edition

£92.99; on offer, £68 (at time of publication)

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