Gadgets: Miele Boost CX1, Ikea Starkvind table, bamboo electric toothbrush and more

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From the June 2022 issue of E&T: gadgets for a cleaner, safer home where you can breathe easily and detect vampires…

Miele Boost CX1


Miele’s smallest ever vacuum cleaner, corded and bagless, ideal for homes with scant storage space. It’s small but mighty, with a footprint smaller than an open magazine but powerful suction and filtration and a 10m reach from the socket. The Cat & Dog and Parquet models add a HEPA filter.

From £269

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Humax Wi-Fi Smart Plug


This cheap-as-chips gizmo gives any mains-powered device smart app control, including Alexa and Google voice commands, timers and IFTTT home automation. It also monitors energy use, so you can spot ‘vampire’ devices wasting electricity while they’re on standby.


Bambooi Bio Max


It’s hard to argue that an electric toothbrush is environmentally friendly compared with moving your hand... but if you do prefer electric then Bambooi has worked hard to avoid plastic. This uses biodegradable materials instead: not just bamboo bristles but also sugarcane, tapioca, cornstarch and castor oil.


Enabot EBO Air


This new social companion robot, barely bigger than a tennis ball, does everything from entertaining pets and humans to patrolling the home to check for intruders. Tech includes face recognition, AI, night vision, mic and speakers. We assume its ‘automatic shooting’ means photos...


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Lomography DigitaLIZA+


Scan old negatives and slides using your phone with this backlit gadget. You can even scan exposed sprocket holes for added analogue hipster chic. It handles 35mm and 120 format. Or get the DigitaLIZA Max (£85), which also includes a smartphone stand.


Ikea Starkvind Table


A clever air purifier built into a small table, perfect for a bedside or living room. It works with Ikea smart home kit too. Though if you want tip-top indoor air quality, get a purifier with a higher CADR (clean air delivery rate)... and avoid new furnishing that gives off VOCs.


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