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The measure of: Pearlsuite floating holiday home

Image credit: Lazzarini Design Studio

Italian designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini has unveiled a floating unit concept designed to revolutionise the seaside hospitality market.

Designed for Italian mobility brand Jet Capsule, the Pearlsuite offers up to 22m2 of interior space with retractable roof and a walkable external deck. The concept targets beach resorts, providing them with the opportunity to expand their number of rooms in a matter of weeks, creating floating communities with zero carbon footprint, zero infrastructures, and at a very low implementation cost.

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Image credit: Lazzarini Design Studio

The units will be built with the most modern nautical techniques based on an enforced main shell connected with a circular hull. Clients can also equip the suite with an electric engine and can therefore self-position themselves or cruise at 5 knots from point A to B, based on an advanced GPS positioning system and autopilot features.

The suites are solar powered, meaning they can self-produce all the needed energy for air conditioning, lighting, fridge, other appliances and propulsion.

Vital statistics: Pearlsuite

Diameter of the unit: 7m

Interior space that features a transformable bedroom/studio, kitchen area and WC: 22m²

100 per cent solar-powered

Height of dome: 2.5m

Draft of unit: 50cm 

Depth max: 100cm

(Equivalent) electric motor: 25hp

Cruise speed when equipped with a Torqeedo pod drive: 5 knots

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