Celera 500L

The measure of: Otto Aviation Celera 500L

Image credit: Otto Aviation

An American start-up has introduced its ‘bullet-shaped’ plane that they believe could change the world of private air transportation.

The Celera 500L fuel-efficient ‘bullet’ plane features a five-bladed pushing propeller mounted behind the tail, which is powered by a Raiklin Aircraft Engine RED A03 engine certified to operate on Jet A1 or biodiesel.

According to the firm, the bullet shape of the Celera helps to reduce drag drastically, by allowing the air to flow smoothly over the surface of the aircraft. This allows for the plane to operate with less power, meaning that it burns less fuel, the company said.

Otto Aviation Celera 500L - Inline

Image credit: Otto Aviation

The start-up fitted the prototype with mechanically linked controls – the reason for using such controls for the baseline configuration was to reduce complexity and overall programme risk, aircraft designer Bill Otto said.

Otto and his company believe that the design, with its teardrop “laminar flow”-optimised shape, long and slender wings, and high-efficiency multi-fuel piston engine, combined with a flight profile intended to make the best use of the plane’s features, will inaugurate a revolution in low-cost air travel.

Vital statistics: Celera 500L

Fuel economy: 18-25mpg (miles per gallon)

Hourly operating costs: $328

Projected maximum cruise speed: 460mph

Height of cabin to fit a 6ft 2in person: 1.88m 

Passenger capacity: 6

Cabin volume: 448ft³

Maximum range: 4,500nm

Cruise altitude: 40,000-50,000ft (12,000-15,000m)

Propellor: 5-blade

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