Gadgets: Bissell Pet Stain Eraser, Hexclad high-tech pans, Nokia G21 and more

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From the April 2022 issue of E&T: Clever new tech for messy pets, cooking, travel.

Bissell Pet Stain Eraser


Cordless and clever, this is designed for removing small stains from carpets and soft furnishing. You spray the stain then a power brush lifts it. It’s Bissell’s first mini cleaner for pet stains and at 2kg it’s half the weight of its previous cordless handhelds.


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Hexclad pans


High-tech pans with Gordon Ramsay’s seal of approval. The laser-etched hexagon pattern is the secret to its hybrid technology. The peaks are stainless steel, the valleys are non-stick. As a result, you can fry and sear without sticking but clean with a scourer. You can even use metal utensils.

from £79

Nokia G21


This budget Android smartphone’s three-day battery-life evokes Nokia’s heritage: bricks with batteries that lasted days, not hours. It also features a ‘mask’ mode that claims to let you unlock biometrically with your face when you are wearing a mask because of Covid.


WOWCube Entertainment System


Available for pre-order, this is like a 2x2 Rubik’s Cube but each of the eight blocks has three displays and its own processor, so you can play all sorts of games. With deals already in place for big names like Space Invaders and Cut the Rope, this 7cm cube is going to be huge.


Sony LinkBuds


Unique Bluetooth earbuds with an open ring design, so you hear the real world too. In fact, they’re designed to be worn all day; you overlay your own soundtrack and hands-free calls. Clever-yet-disturbing tech even lets you control them by tapping your skin in front of the ear.


Pocketalk Plus


A larger and more capable Pocketalk translator. Its 10cm HD touchscreen is big enough to read from further away if you’re social distancing. You can talk into it, type or point its camera at a sign or menu. It translates between 82 languages and comes with two years of free data roaming.


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