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Hands-on review: Intelli ScoutPro multi-device powerbank

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If you own a lot of devices and you move around a lot, a beefy charger like Intelli's ScoutPro – featuring a powerful graphene-enhanced battery implementation – could be your ideal travelling companion.

We've all been there. We're away from home, or even just away from wall sockets, and our devices are dying on us. Maybe it's because of an unplanned overnight stay or simply because you forgot to charge everything last night, being caught short electrically is a common modern-day malaise.

Many of us already have a portable recharging powerbank or two lying around, good for a phone boost. The problem is that these powerbanks are usually a one-hit wonder, good enough to get us home, but only for one device and only for one time. If you're away from wall power for any greater stretch of time, you'll probably wind up carrying around two dead devices.

Perhaps what you need is a heavy-duty charging brick, such as this ScoutPro chonk, positively bristling with enough sockets and wireless charging pads to accommodate all your gadgets: smartwatch, smartphone, tablet, laptop and any other USB or wireless-powered baubles with which you adorn your life – earbuds, drones, cameras, speakers, game consoles etc.

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Austin, Texas-based Intelli – formed by a group of consumer electronics veterans – has been around for the best part of a decade and has already shipped over half a million orders of its tech lifestyle products. The company calls the ScoutPro "the ultimate all-in-one portable power bank". Its aim was to bring together all the best aspects of similar, competing products into one single super-charger.

Thus, ScoutPro was designed to be compact, lightweight, with up to 240W of power delivery for fast-charging of laptops (adapters are available from Intelli to suit specific laptop models, converting the included Type-C cable into a charging cable), phones and tablets, plus 100W of MagSafe and Universal Wireless Charging for smartwatches (Apple or Samsung – you choose at point of purchase). A neat OLED screen in one end details capacity and activity.

For power output, the twin USB-C ports on the ScoutPro can output the following: 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A or 20V/5A. The QC USB-A port supports 24W Quick Charge, in addition to 5V/4.5A, 9V/2A or 12V/2A. The wireless charging panels support up to 15W wireless charging and Apple and Samsung watch charging.

In total, ScoutPro can charge up to five devices at once. It is compatible with Apple devices, naturally, and also supports Huawei 'Super Charge', Oppo and Oneplus 22.5W charging, Oppo 40W charging, and Samsung fast charging for S21/S21+ and the Note 20. Once drained, the ScoutPro itself recharges to full capacity in around two hours using the Intelli 100W wall charger.

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Interestingly, the ScoutPro is using next-gen graphene battery technology, which is safer, slimmer and more lightweight than lithium-ion batteries. With graphene, the carbon atoms are tightly bound in a honeycomb-like structure that is only a single atomic layer thick, providing superior electrical and thermal conductivity, high flexibility, high strength and low weight.

Graphene batteries can also offer greater power-capacity per kilogram than the more common lithium-ion alternatives, as well as being some of the safest batteries available, more resistant to heat, punctures and drops. Intelli's graphene batteries are UL certified and the ScoutPro chargers are FCC, CE and RoHS certified and meet requirements for both domestic and international airline travel, falling just under the majority of airlines' maximum safe battery capacity of 100Wh.

Intelli is also sufficiently confident in the design and durability of the ScoutPro that it is offering a lifetime warranty, covering against any defect in materials or workmanship under normal use and operation. That is both an impressive and increasingly rare show of commitment with tech products these days.

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Launched in 2021 as an Indiegogo crowdfunding pre-order – attracting a tidy $600,000 in the process – there has been a degree of disgruntlement from some early adopters about the delay in receiving their hardware, which is fair enough. A spokesperson told us that these (acknowledged) delays have been due to the pandemic-related shipping container issues – high demand, low availability, skyrocketing prices – that have been affecting so many companies manufacturing in Asia. The company says that these bottlenecks have now largely been resolved and distribution is flowing again.

We've had our test unit (which came bundled with Intelli's very useful Synch carry case) for a couple of months now and it has proved itself almost indispensable. When we're going away from home, even for several nights, all that's needed is the ScoutPro. Maybe a cable or two for those devices in our tech arsenal still not wireless-charging enabled, but the overarching message here is simplicity. You don't need multiple wall plugs or dedicated charging hardware. If what you own is compatible with the pads and ports with which ScoutPro has been equipped, this is all you need to carry.

The ScoutPro is an excellent portable charging companion. At the early deign stage, Intelli's stated aim was to create a product that packed enough power to charge any laptop; was smartphone fast-charge compatible; offered universal wireless charging, smartwatch charging and passthrough charging; could itself be recharged rapidly; was airline carry-on friendly, and whose batteries could withstand last at least 2,000 charge cycles. The ScoutPro ticks all of those boxes.

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