Gadgets: Kokoon Nightbuds, Sky Glass, Glowforge Pro and more

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From the March 2022 issue of E&T: tech to help you sleep, cook, craft, emote, work in comfort and relax in style.

Kokoon Nightbuds


Tiny Bluetooth earbuds for sleep: they don’t protrude but connect comfortably behind your head. Listen to your favourites, plus the app offers a range of white noises and sleep-inducing meditations. It tracks sleep, even senses when you nod off, and then fades out the sounds.


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Sky Glass


A state-of-the-art 4K HDR Dolby Atmos TV with broadband-based Sky built in (no extra box, no satellite dish). It’s stunning, comes in a living-room-friendly range of colours and with intuitive voice commands, but pricey. Even if you pay monthly like a phone contract, you’ll need a Sky subscription too.

From £649 (or £13 a month)

FlexiSpot E8


Desks, chairs and posture matter. This standing/sitting desk is perfect for WFH because it lets you mix it up, which is great for your back. Unusually for the price, it’s motorised with touch controls, anti-collision tech, child lock, cable management and a high weight limit (125kg).

From £499.98 

Stellar Battery-Free Digital Scale


Ingenious and very compact kitchen scales. They never need batteries: you swing the arm back and forth two or three times before use to generate power. Open them and weigh food directly or in a bowl. The scales weigh up to 5kg, have a tare function and can measure in grams, ounces or millilitres.


Glowforge Pro


This 3D laser printer cuts, prints and engraves sheets of material up to 50mm thick. Make everything from papercut art to wooden furniture. Work with diverse materials like food, leather or Corian. It’s ideal for designers and makers... but in the future will we simply download self-assembly furniture from Ikea?


Logitech POP Keys


Typewriter-style mechanical keys look, feel and even sound great. It has keys for your favourite emojis (there are eight swappable emoji keys to choose from). Battery life is a stonking three years and its three vibrant colour schemes match the POP Mouse (£34.99).


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