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The measure of: Gran Turismo Mediterranea

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Designers in Italy have created a sleek Ferrari-inspired yacht that even has a parking space for supercars.

The Gran Turismo Mediterranea (GTM) concept vessel by Rome-based Lazzarini Design pays tribute to the instantly recognisable design language of Ferrari. It has taken inspiration from the Italian carmaker’s latest hyper cars, with its designers dubbing it a ‘hyper yacht’. “We tried to imagine how a Ferrari of the seas would look,” they say.

The exterior is finished in what looks like a riff on Ferrari’s recognisable Rosso Corsa red, while the superstructure is crafted from light carbon fibre that is also favoured by the automaker.

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The automotive cues continue onboard. Accessible via gullwing doors, the cabin features a racing-inspired cockpit that comes complete with pilot seats and gauges, as well as a main saloon, two double guest cabins and accommodation for three crew.

The yacht runs like a Ferrari, too, with a hybrid propulsion system featuring three MAN V12 engines, an Arneson transmission and a central HamiltonJet waterjet drive.

Gran Turismo Mediterranea (GTM): vital statistics

Overall length: 27m

Total height: 6.3m

Height from waterline: 4.3m

Draft: 1.8m 

Beam (width of ship at widest point): 6.7m

Estimated top speed: 80mph

Triple MAN V12 2200hp hybrid engines set-up (6,600bhp): x3

Estimated weight of each engine: 2,500kg

Bedrooms +1 for 2 crew members: 3-4



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