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Bentley to make its first electric car in Crewe for 2025 release

Image credit: Bentley

Bentley has announced plans to make its first all-electric vehicle at its manufacturing plant in Crewe.

The UK-based carmaker, which is now a subsidiary of Volkswagen (VW), said that its first electric vehicles are expected to roll off production lines in about three years’ time.

The firm said its approach will make Bentley exclusively electric and end-to-end carbon neutral by 2030, a full 20 years ahead of the same ambition from its parent company VW. In fiscal year 2019, Bentley manufactured just 12,430 vehicles compared to 11 million from VW.

Bentley will also commit £2.5bn to sustainability initiatives over the next decade.

The announcement helps secure Bentley’s first step into electrification at the production plant, where around 4,000 people are employed and all Bentley models are built.

The investment programme will result in a complete transformation of Bentley’s entire product portfolio as it also attempts to modernise its production facility into one that leans heavily on digital technology for advanced manufacturing alongside a low environmental impact.

The company, which dates back to 1919, has not yet revealed any details about the specifics of its first electric car.

Adrian Hallmark, Bentley CEO, said: “It’s an ambitious and credible roadmap to carbon neutrality of our total business system, including the shift to 100 per cent BEV [battery-powered electric vehicles] in just eight years.

“Our aim is to become the benchmark not just for luxury cars or sustainable credentials but the entire scope of our operations. Securing production of our first BEV in Crewe is a milestone moment for Bentley, and the UK, as we plan for a long-term sustainable future in Crewe.”   

Peter Bosch, board member for manufacturing at Bentley Motors, added: “Today is arguably the most important day in Bentley’s modern history, and is a testament to the hard work and skill of our colleagues in Crewe.

“We are already marking the pinnacle in luxury car production and have already transformed our factory to become carbon neutral, with industry-leading environmental credentials.

“With our new ‘Dream Factory’ concept, we now go to zero also with water, waste and other environmental impacts until 2030.”

Recent figures for UK carmakers showed that while last year saw the lowest recorded number of cars built since 1984 overall, electric vehicles bucked the trend with British consumers buying more of them in 2021 than the previous five years combined.

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