Close Up Of Ai Da With Paintings

When is the art the artist?

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For the first time in their 4,500-year history, the Egyptian Pyramids have hosted an art exhibition.

The exhibition 'Forever Is Now', which ran until early November 2021, featured an international cast of artists, one of which was Ai-Da – a British humanoid AI robot named in tribute to the genius mathematician Ada Lovelace.

Ai-Da’s drawing arm and her drawing AI algorithms were designed by Egyptians Salaheldin Al Abd and Ziad Abass.

These algorithms allow analysis of the subject Ai-Da is looking at and use the resulting data set to create the movements required for the drawing arm. Her repertoire has extended to performance art and clay modelling.

Who is the artist? Is it Ai-Da or the people who created her?

Close Up Of Ai Da With Paintings - Inline

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As a humanoid robot, Ai-DA is an artwork in her own right.

Ai Da art bot having a nice lie down - inline

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Ai-Da’s sculpture for the 'Forever Is Now' exhibition was a futuristic sarcophagus and mummified robot self-portrait titled ‘Immortal Riddle’

Ai Da 7 - Inline

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Fitted with a drawing arm and cameras in her eyes, Ai-Da can create artworks in the same way that a human can

Ai Da 9 Inline

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Her art is not just realistic recreations of what Ai-Da sees. She is very much a creative artist.

Ai Da art bot on holiday at the pyramids - inline

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Ai-Da poses at the Forever Is Now exhibition site in front of the Giza Pyramids.

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