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The bigger picture: motorbike for the Moon

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German motorbike design think tank Hookie has developed a driveable prototype from the fictional concept of a lunar exploration vehicle, a ‘world first’ motorcycle for the Moon.

The vehicle – named Tardigrade, after microscopic animals that survive even under the most adverse conditions – is based on a digital concept design by Russian artist Andrew Fabishevskiy.

The design inspired Hookie founders Sylvia and Nico Müller, and in 2020 with Fabishevskiy‘s approval and international supporters, the firm put the idea into practice. Why? “Because Hookie stands for courage, community and inspiration. We love to take routes off the beaten track,” says Nico.

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Over the course of nine months, the thought experiment turned into a highly innovative vehicle. The company says: “It is the world‘s first concept of a space bike, but because its template was just a virtual idea – without function or scale – Hookie had to start from scratch.”

The Tardigrade is built for a rider to explore the lunar surface and carry different types of equipment. It has a speed limit of 15km/h and a battery range of almost 110km. A combination of ultra lightweight materials and changeable airless tyre pieces allows it to tackle any obstacle in its path.

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