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Facebook poised to announce major rebrand with focus on the ‘metaverse’

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Facebook Inc is widely believed to be poised to announce a rebrand, featuring a new name that focuses on its efforts on building the “metaverse”.

An unnamed Facebook source told technology site The Verge that CEO Mark Zuckerberg is most likely to announce a name change at the company’s annual conference, Connect, on 28 October, or possibly even sooner.

The rebrand would place Facebook’s various products and projects - including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus, along with other ventures such as the smart glasses recently developed with Ray Ban - under the control of one umbrella company, thus making its most significant and signature product, the Facebook social network, merely one aspect of the new parent brand.

Google underwent a similar restructuring in 2015 when it created the holding company Alphabet, a top-down body that was responsible for both the firm’s search engine business - i.e. Google - as well as its other projects, including the burgeoning driverless car initiative.

Facebook’s rebrand could help it to disassociate the controversy surrounding its main social media platform with its other, less contentious ventures.

Zuckerberg has been talking up his firms “metaverse” recently, a digital world that would allow people to move freely between different apps and platforms in a virtual environment. Eventually this could include virtual and augmented reality, the digital environments in which its Oculus platform specialises.

The Verge suggested that the exact name that Facebook chooses for the new corporate entity could be “something to do with Horizon”, the VR platform that Facebook has been developing for some time that could let players access user-generated content, including full games, that have been created within the confines of the platform itself.

Earlier this year, it emerged that Facebook, Google and Microsoft are the three biggest lobbying spenders in Europe and have been building a concerted campaign against tough new laws proposed by the EU aimed at curbing their powers.

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