Gadgets: Trust Taxon webcam, Sony SRS-NB10, MyndPlay MyndBand and more

Image credit: Kiryl Balbatunou/Dreamstime

Tech innovations to improve your Zoom, green your room and learn telekinesis.

Trust Taxon webcam

Trust Taxon webcam

Image credit: Trust

A webcam with a 2K camera to improve the quality of your video calls. Its 80° wide-angle glass lens takes more in, while a sliding lens cover offers privacy. Twin noise-cancelling mics ensure sound is equally well handled. It’s designed to hook over the top of your screen or sit on the table at an adjustable angle; it works with a tripod, too.

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The Little Botanical Living Art

Little Botanical Living Art

Image credit: Little Botanical

This stunning living wall is a picture frame-style planter, made from recycled plastic. Its built-in reservoir waters the plants for up to three weeks; an indicator pops out when it needs more water. The biophilic design comes with a mix of houseplants and measures either 52cm or 72cm square.

From £200 

MyndPlay MyndBand

Myndplay Myndband

Image credit: Myndplay

Don this headband and three sensors on your forehead help you do everything from relaxation and meditation techniques to controlling gadgets simply by thinking about them. Mind control a device that moves and you can essentially perform telekinesis. It’s lightweight and wireless, using Bluetooth LE to connect.


MeacoFan 260c

MeaconFan 260c

Image credit: Meaco

This isn’t just an affordable desktop fan, it’s an energy-efficient cordless fan, rechargeable via USB. Cool yourself anywhere, quietly, even on a camping trip. It has four speeds and battery life is up to 14 hours. What’s more, the base glows, doubling as a nightlight, so it’s perfect by the bedside.


Sony SRS-NB10

Sony SRS-NB10

Image credit: Sony

This collar-shaped wearable rests on your shoulders and creates a personal sound space, without covering your ears. It’s been designed for comfort and incorporates a microphone for hands-free calling and voice assistants. With an all-day battery life of 20 hours, it’s handy for work, whether from an office or from home.


Got Bag Rolltop Backpack

Got Bag Rolltop Backpack

Image credit: Got Bag

The world’s first rolltop backpack made 100 per cent from ocean plastics. It’s made from 3.5kg of plastic recovered by Indonesian fishermen on the north shore of Java. The recovered PET is shredded and turned into a polyester yarn. The waterproof bag comes in four cool colours.


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