New stamps are being issued to mark the Industrial Revolution

Royal Mail unveils Industrial Revolution stamp set

Image credit: Royal Mail/PA Media

A new set of stamps is being issued by the Royal Mail marking some of the engineering and technical advances that were part of the Industrial Revolution.

The stamp collection will feature Watt’s rotative steam engine; the Penydarren locomotive; Spinning Jenny; Lombe’s silk mill, and Portland cement.

Royal Mail is also releasing a miniature sheet of stamps that depict advances of the 'Electric Revolution' and the harnessing of electricity. Among them include the transatlantic cable and the Deptford power station.

Undated handout photo issued by the Royal Mail of some of their new set of stamps that explore some of the ground-breaking inventions that defined the industrial and electric revolutions.

Image credit: Royal Mail/PA

“The advances made in the Industrial and Electric Revolutions significantly transformed industrial practices across the globe,” said David Gold, director of external affairs and policy at Royal Mail.

Gold added that the collection of stamps pay tribute to “some of the innovative and ground-breaking ideas and inventions that originated in Great Britain and changed the world”.

The postal service worked with experts including Barrie Trinder, author of numerous books on the Industrial Revolution, for the set of 10 stamps which go on sale on August 12.

New stamps are being issued to mark the Industrial Revolution

Image credit: Royal Mail/PA

The first Industrial Revolution was based on the harnessing of water and steam power; the use of new materials; the expansion of textile manufacturing, and the development of canals and railways, while the Electric Revolution focused on the harnessing of electricity.

In May 2019, the Royal Mail issued a stamp series to celebrate the 50 years of British engineering. Among the inventions included were the Raspberry Pi and the Harrier jet.

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