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The bigger picture: smart bus shelter

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A smarter bus shelter for the modern world.

A smart bus shelter that filters polluted city air, removes airborne allergens and kills viruses, bacteria and fungi within seconds has been on display at Central and Western District Promenade, Hong Kong.

CAPS 2.0, designed by Charis NG in collaboration with Sino Inno Lab and Arup, works by drawing in polluted air, creating an invisible shield-​like air curtain from the underside of the canopy, while concurrently generating air currents to clean up the air.

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Polluted air is internally purified with its dual-protection technology, Plascide proprietary air sanitiser and multi-HEPA filters, which removes suspended particles and eliminates coronaviruses.

The shelter will now move to a Kowloon shopping mall, with students from a local university analysing the data.

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