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Chancellor welcomes new manufacturing hub in Leeds

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Chancellor Rishi Sunak has welcomed plans to build a new manufacturing and innovation hub, creating hundreds of jobs.

UK tech start-up UtterBerry has bought premises in Leeds, which will open in the autumn, and will create up to 1,000 positions.

UtterBerry, a spin-out from Cambridge University, is known for its AI sensor technology which has been used on projects such as Crossrail, Thames Tideway and London Underground.

“There is so much talent in the area, and I want to invest in local people to create the jobs for the future,” said Heba Bevan, UtterBerry’s chief executive. “We’re proud to be bringing unique jobs to the area and to build the technology of the future in the heart of the city.”

She added: “As the nation builds back stronger after the pandemic, we are looking forward to building the manufacturing hub that will educate and train the next generation and give opportunities to local workers who may have lost their jobs because of Covid, or simply want a career change.”

The company was founded by Bevan in 2013 and is based in London where it designs and develops its own hardware and software technologies. Its smart sensors are all manufactured within the UK and exported throughout the world.

Sunak said the announcement is “fantastic news for Leeds” that the start-up is creating hundreds of new manufacturing job which are backed by the government's super-deduction tax relief.

“Our manufacturing sector is one to be proud of and it’s brilliant to see UtterBerry utilising local workers in creating a new manufacturing hub in the North,” he added.

As well as trainees and graduates, UtterBerry said it was looking to fill the vacancies with workers throughout Yorkshire who might have lost their jobs because of the pandemic.

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