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Uber to create fleet of electric cars for its ‘Clean Air Plan’ in London

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Uber is to create a fleet of electric vehicles for its drivers that will help it complete its 'Clean Air Plan' for London.

Uber will work with the UK-based electric car firm Arrival for vehicles that are “specifically designed for ride-hailing” that will enter production in 2023.

Uber launched its Clean Air Plan in London two years ago, which saw the introduction of additional surcharges for passengers to help its drivers switch over to electric vehicles in the coming years.

The firm will consult with drivers during the development of the Arrival Car in order to get their input during the design process.

It said that more than £135m has been raised so far to support the endeavour and it will encourage drivers to apply for financial assistance to upgrade their vehicles, culminating in an entirely electric fleet in London by 2025.

So far in London, more than 3.5 million trips have taken place in fully electric vehicles, although Uber admits that it “still has a long way to go”.

Uber also plans to fully electrify its fleet across the rest of the UK, Europe and North America by 2030, although it is giving itself another decade (2040) for the same plans to be replicated in developing nations, such as India, which already suffer from some of the worst excesses of air pollution globally.

“As our cities open up, we have an opportunity to make sure that urban transport is cleaner than ever before,” said Jamie Heywood, Uber’s regional general manager for Northern and Eastern Europe.

“Uber is committed to helping every driver in London upgrade to an EV by 2025 and, thanks to our Clean Air Plan, more than £135m has been raised to support this ambition.

“Our focus is now on encouraging drivers to use this money to help them upgrade to an electric vehicle and our partnership with Arrival will help us achieve this goal.”

Tom Elvidge, Arrival’s senior vice president for mobility in the UK, said: “We are confident that electrifying ride-hailing vehicles will have an outsized impact on cities and we are keen to support drivers as they manage this transition. Arrival Car will be designed around drivers’ needs to create a vehicle that is affordable, durable and desirable.

“We have had great success working alongside key partners to create our best-in-class delivery van and we hope to replicate that success with Uber as we develop the best possible product for ride-hailing that elevates the experience of the passenger and improves drivers’ health, safety and finances.”

In March of this year, Uber Green was launched in London, an environmentally friendly option which offers passengers in the city's Zone 1 area the ability to specifically choose to ride in an electric vehicle.

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