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The measure of: Earth 300 superyacht

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An emissions-free ‘nuclear powered’ science exploration vessel, as large as the world’s longest cruise ship, might launch as soon as 2025.

Designed by international design and architecture company Iddes Yacht, the proposed Earth 300 superyacht will “unite science and exploration to confront Earth’s greatest challenges”, according to Ivan Salas Jefferson, the company’s founder.

Salas Jefferson said they will pack the huge 300m-long vessel with green technology. It will act as an extreme technology platform for science, exploration, and innovation at sea, and will incorporate robotics, artificial intelligence systems and 22 state-of-the-art onboard laboratories. Features include a science city housed inside an enormous sphere, an observation deck, and an interior dedicated to scientific research and expedition. To help with running costs, wealthy tourists will be able to book luxury suites.

Eventually, the plan is to power the vessel with a molten salt reactor, a type of nuclear power generator that uses molten fluoride salts as a coolant and operates at low pressure, but green fuels will be used until then.

According to Salas Jefferson: “We wanted to create a design that would inspire people to protect Earth.”

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Image credit: Cover Images

Vital statistics

Length: 300m

Width: 46m

Height: 60m

22 Laboratories

20 VIP Cabins

160 Scientists

20 Experts-in-residence

20 Students

40 VIP guests

165 Crew

Proposed launch date: 2025

13-storey ‘Science sphere’

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