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Hands-on review: Enacfire A9 true wireless ANC earbuds

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The price of true wireless, active noise-cancelling earbuds continues to fall. Happy days.

As many of us have probably noticed by now, the world seems to be changing more quickly than ever before as the years tick by. Technology is a major driving force behind this accelerating rate of change and it filters into every aspect of our lives.

Regardless of your level of personal comfort with these developments, the upside is often that what was once new and expensive inevitably becomes more commonplace and cheap. So it is with true wireless, active noise cancelling earbuds. These things typically cost a three-figure sum when they first started appearing, just a few short years ago. Then the first sub-£100 pairs started to appear a couple of years ago. Now we're at the point where you can get a pair of decent-quality wireless ANC earbuds for under £50. What a time to be alive!

An individual's justification for spending significantly more than this sum today would be for reasons other than just audio quality and convenience. Certainly, Apple AirPods Pro are still a highly desirable blend of hi-fi sound, seamless integration and smart tech convergence. If there's anyone that knows how to push our compulsive/impulsive purchase buttons, it's Apple.

If you can live without all the healthcare sensors, though (and let's be honest, most of us can), you can save a serious wedge by picking up a perfectly functional, aurally pleasing pair of earbuds - such as these Enacfire A9s - and save the rest of your cash to get you through the next pandemic.

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The A9s are a relatively, deceptively, simple pair of true wireless, active noise-cancelling earbuds - which in itself is a description that would have invited a lot more hyperbolic hoo-hah a few years ago. That this is now totally the expected norm for a new pair of earbuds, well, here we are in 2021.

Designed for every type of user - runners, gym bunnies, podcast enthusiasts, deep bass EDM types, HD music fans etc - and to suit any type of lifestyle, the Enacfire A9s pack a solid punch in the big price vs. features smackdown.

The flagship earbuds for Enacfire, the A9s feature no less than four microphones for optimal noise reduction and voice/video call quality. These microphones work in tandem to detect ambient noise and produce equal anti-sound to neutralise it before it reaches the ear. The inward-facing microphones measure sound levels 120 times per second, effectively filtering out unwanted outside noise by a stated 80 per cent.

The buds also offer the classic optional transparency mode for whenever your situation may warrant it (e.g. walking, jogging, office use etc) and you need to let a little more outside sound in. We generally find that music sounds better with transparency mode off, as the low end and mids kick in that bit richer and fuller, but of course it's nice to have the option either way. The difference between the two settings on the A9s is hardly night and day, anyway, so it's not as if your music will suffer horribly if you forget to toggle the setting on or off.

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The A9s have plenty more to recommend them to the savvy price-conscious consumer: an estimated 32-hour total playtime (YMMV) from the snug, pocket-friendly charging case; an understated and subtle design; a good in-ear fit; IPX7 waterproof rating; Bluetooth 5.0; USB Type-C fast charging - these are all the boxes most people want ticked. For around £50 in the UK, it's hard not to see these earbuds as a good deal.

If you're looking for a pair of true wireless, active noise cancelling earbuds that you won't constantly be worried about leaving on the train or dropping down a storm drain, but which also deliver a surprisingly upscale user experience, the Enacfire A9s could be just the job.

Enacfire A9, RRP £59.99

Available from Amazon UK (£49.99 at time of writing)

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