Gadgets: Prima Projector, Logitech Ergo keyboard, Fauna audio glasses and more

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Tech for lovers of movies and music, working ergonomically, home security, even banishing damp.

Prima Projector

Prima Projector

Image credit: Prima

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A pocket projector with a better, brighter picture than most. So you get a picture measuring up to 200in, with 1080p high-definition and 200 lumens brightness. Battery life is three hours, for watching anywhere with Bluetooth streaming. Or built-in Android means you can download popular streaming apps. Ships worldwide.


Ausounds AU-Stream Hybrid

Ausounds AU-Stream Hybrid earbuds

Image credit: Ausounds

Stylish earbuds to rival Apple AirPods Pro. Active noise-cancellation reduces ambient noise by 25dB. Shut out your surroundings and immerse yourself in music without the need to turn it up to 11. Just 15 minutes in the case is enough to wirelessly charge them for three hours of listening. The metallic finishes are stunning too.


Logitech Ergo K860

LogitechErgo K860 keyboard

Image credit: Logitech

Heavy keyboard users make three million keystrokes a year, so is it any wonder your wrists ache? This new, curvy keyboard allows a natural posture that’s kinder to your tendons, nerves and muscles. Unusually you can also tilt the front up for standing desks. Easy Bluetooth pairing with multiple devices lets you type comfortably on laptop, tablet, even phone.


Fauna audio glasses

Fauna audio glasses

Image credit: Fauna

Glasses with built-in audio, discreetly embedded in the arms. So you can listen to music and chat hands-free without headphones. The tech is almost invisible and they charge wirelessly in their case. Get prescription lenses, sunglasses or glass that filters out the blue light from screens for better sleep.


Yale Indoor Wi-Fi Camera – Pan & Tilt

Yale Indoor Wi-Fi Camera

Image credit: Yale

App control with pan and tilt means that this security camera is never facing the wrong way. In fact, it turns by 355° and can automatically follow movement in the room and send you alerts. Features include digital zoom and night vision. At home and want privacy? The lens can be physically covered.


MeacoDry Arete One

MeacoDry Arete One dehumidifier

Image credit: MeacoDry

An elegant and efficient new dehumidifier design with built-in HEPA air purification. It’s quiet, easy to empty and a special Smart Laundry mode pulls moisture out of the air fast, so your laundry can dry quickly indoors without causing damp problems or making the room feel colder.

From £259.99

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