Danielle George with awards background

Virtual meet: Danielle George on robots in space and what really makes 5G crucial

Image credit: IET

We talk to the new IET president about engineering for space exploration, health and communications

"The human form is not designed very well to travel in space," says Danielle George, Professor of Radio Frequency Engineering at the University of Manchester and 2020's IET President. "However, there is something quintessentially human that I am not sure robots will ever have and that's curiosity. Do we want robots to make those first discoveries, to see that very first thing coming over the horizon?"

Hear about her work on the world's largest telescopes, what makes robots so great at space exploration but why there will be plenty more astronauts in the future too. Hear about her favourite innovations for saving lives with health electronics, how 5G communications will change so much more than the convenience of your mobile phone, and what to look forward to in this year's E&T Innovation Awards.

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