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Virtual meets: Kevin Warwick on human cyborgs now and in the future

Image credit: Kevin Warwick

Watch Kevin Warwick talk to E&T about his work linking humans to machines and the risks in artificial intelligence.

"Somebody can have an implant in their brain and even if they're paralysed or they have motor neurone disease, or a whole range of neurological problems, they can control things just by thinking about moving or thinking about whatever it is they're controlling. So it enables," says Professor Kevin Warwick of experiments happening now. "But I think we can go a bit further and say, this is enabling for everybody – potentially. So it doesn't have to be therapeutic, it can be for everybody, enabling in ways that we just don't know at the moment. Our brains are limited, we have a finite number of cells, so the possibility of linking up to a computer, a network, an artificial-intelligence system, opens up all sorts of possibilities for all humans that we just cannot achieve at the moment."

Warwick talks about his work in cybernetics, its potential to change everybody's life with thought communication, why we would want to do that, and what happened when he experimented with implants on himself. He discusses how artificial intelligence will revolutionise medicine but we have to be careful about its use in military systems. He looks forward to some of the most exciting innovations on the horizon to look out for at their celebration this evening (19 November) at the E&T Innovation Awards which start at 4pm GMT and are free to attend.


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