Poppy Crum with E&T Innovation Awards brand background

Virtual meets: Poppy Crum on the path from music through neuroscience to technology

Image credit: Poppy Crum

Watch Poppy Crum discuss with E&T how everyone experiences the world differently and what that means for technology development.

"We have different experiences of the same stimulus, whether it's a physical stimulus or it's a sensory stimulus," says Poppy Crum, chief technologist for Dolby Laboratories, yet "a lot of technology has been built frankly for white men." So engineers and developers need to think about everyone, just as an artist would, or a Hollywood producer wants as many people as possible to enjoy their work. "If you're going to build something, don't you want it to work the way it should?"

Crum talks to E&T science writer Hilary Lamb about her transition from violinist to technology (and why they may have more in common than you might think), absolute pitch and neuroscience, innovation and awards. Crum is also on the advisory panel for the E&T Innovation Awards, which take place online this evening (19 November). 

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