Fran Scott, TV presenter

Virtual meets: Fran Scott on diversity in engineering, ‘science capital’ and innovation

Image credit: Greg Funnell 2017

Hilary Lamb speaks to TV science presenter Fran Scott, who shares her views on some of the misconceptions which still exist in science and engineering, why it is still a priority to make these subjects more accessible and why science capital matters.

"If you have a diverse group of people making a certain product, it will be a better product.  The company will be better, it will be more profitable.  Especially with engineering, when we are designing products to solve problems. We need to make sure that the problem we are solving is for everyone who has that problem, not just for just a certain slice of society."

Hear from Fran Scott about her passion for making engineering more diverse, how we can go about opening the doors for those who don't have access and her role on the E&T Innovation Awards advisory board.

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