Kate Bellingham with E&T Innovation Awards brand background

Virtual meets: Kate Bellingham on TW and innovation during a pandemic

Image credit: JamieScott. All rights Reserved

The former presenter of BBC TV's Tomorrow’s World remembers the best and worst gadgets on the show and tells us what she thinks are the great innovations of today.

"The thing that struck me the most during this period of pandemic is it's not just about having technologies and innovations, it's how we apply them and how they then transform to support everyday lives."

E&T Editor-in-Chief Dickon Ross speaks to Kate Bellingham, broadcaster, engineer and former presenter of the classic science and technology show Tomorrow's World, where big questions about the future were answered. Bellingham remembers the technologies first shown on the programme that were to become the future - and those that most definitely didn't. She shares her observations of how important the application of technology has become over the last four months during the pandemic and what she is looking forward to most in the next month's E&T Innovation Awards.


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