Dr Shini Somara

Virtual meets: Dr Shini Somara on Occam’s razor, kids’ books and UV light

Image credit: Shini Somara / E&T

In this video interview, the TV presenter talks to us about her latest programmes, writing books for children and her favourite kind of innovation.

“Most people assume that Covid will be over once you find a vaccination, but it's looking at how engineers and technologists are coming up with solutions before a vaccine is found. So things like UVC light may offer a solution for being able to gather in crowds whilst keeping safe," Dr Shini Somara tells E&T.

"Right now we're masked up, we are using a lot of hand sanitisers, but how do you really kill the virus when we're congregating in groups? That's been quite a dilemma and it's really prevented us from being sociable."

We talk to the TV presenter about her programme, the principle of Occam's razor, why she's started to write children's books and - in light of her role on the E&T Innovation Awards advisory board - what she looks for in a standout innovation and the award she's looking forward to most.


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