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Hands-on review: Sades Snowwolf gaming headset

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Winter is coming. Warm your gaming ears.

We've looked at a few gaming headsets over the last few months, as the shift to full-time WFH saw us all spending more time at home and then overlapped with the long summer school holiday.

Now, as the heady days of summer 2020 become naught but a distant memory and the seasons shift to ones of mist and mellow fruitfulness, we've lent our gaming ears to the Sades Snowwolf headset.

As you can see from the pictures, they are as white as their name suggests. As white as an Arctic fox wearing an all-white jumpsuit eating a white chocolate Magnum in a snow blizzard. They are ultra-white. None more white. The only colour accent is the silver-grey of the metal parts and the Sades nameplate on the earcups. They make quite the eye-blowing visual statement.

It's a refreshing change from the solid black of so many headsets (including others in the Sades range) and there's none of that fancy pulsing neon LCD lightshow stuff so common to gaming gear here. What you see is what you get – and it'll be difficult to miss them, even among the mess and wire tangle of a typical gamer's station.

The novel twist with the Snowwolf are the furry earmuff covers. The wolf aspect of the snow, if you like. These add an extra dimension of luxury and comfort to the headset and they do feel nice on the ears. Warm and cosy. They are removable, too, so if you find them too warm as the seasons change you can easily slip them off.

Sades Snowwolf earmuffs - inline

Image credit: Sades

They also add a bump to the comfort factor for extended gaming sessions, which is welcome as we found the earpieces sans muff to be not quite as comfortable as, say, the Eksa E900 Pro headset. Comparing the two, the Eksa's earpieces were slightly more comfortable worn over the course of several hours than those of the Sades, despite both headsets being more than adequately padded. There wasn't a huge difference, though, and it's not as if the Sades were a disappointment. Far from it – if we hadn't had the Eksa's to hand for comparison, we wouldn't have had any complaints.

However, the Snowwolf won it back with its microphone and the sound of the headset, both of which seemed subjectively better to us. Again, the differences are only slight and you wouldn't be let down by either headset – both are very good. The Snowwolf's 40mm drivers delivered a crisp and broad stereo picture, with good detail and accurate sound positioning, while the microphone (both detachable and flexible) picked up our voice well. Fellow gamers reported an uptick in voice clarity when using the Snowwolf.

We also like the fact that the volume wheel and microphone mute controls are on the Snowwolf's left earpiece, rather than being housed in a chonky plastic wedge somewhere along the cable, as is the case with a lot of mid-price gaming headsets. This makes wearing the Snowwolf feel that little bit more refined, with no unwieldy lump dangling on the cable.

Sades Snowwolf gaming headset - inline

Image credit: Sades

The well-padded headset has a standard stainless-steel sliding headband, so you can adjust the fit to suit your bonce. There's also a subtle snowflake motif on the underside of the headband, extending the Snowwolf metaphor. The whole headset feels durable, despite only weighing 260g, so appears built to last and endure the rough and tumble of gaming life.

The Snowwolf headset is compatible with Mac, PC, PS4, Xbox One (2015 version), Nintendo Switch, VR headsets and any mobile device with a 3.5mm jack or adapter. A 1.2m cable is supplied. Also included in the box is a 2m Y-cable with dual 3.5mm audio and mic jacks for connecting to a Windows PC.

The Snowwolf is a very decent gaming headset with a style all of its own. It fully delivered on every essential gaming requirement – good sound, good microphone, comfortable fit, cross-platform compatibility – so if you like the white look, there's no reason to keep this wolf from your door.

Sades Snowwolf


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