Musk teases custom wraps for Tesla’s Cybertruck

Image credit: Tesla Motors

CEO of Tesla Elon Musk has teased that people who have purchased its CyberTruck can personalise the electric truck with custom wraps.

According to a recent tweet from Musk, owners of the Tesla model will be able to wrap the truck, made from ultra-hard 30X cold-rolled stainless-steel, in different colours and patterns.

Since painting the CyberTruck is a “hard feat” due to its stainless-steel body, the company stated that custom wraps are the best way to customise the all-electric pickup.  

The company offers 36 different patterns, from colours to carbon fibre to wood grain, and the entire kit can ship to a customer’s door for over $3,000 (£2,400). According to Tesla, the designs could be mixed and matched for an “even more unique look”.

It is unclear if the colour and pattern options will come from Tesla factories or if it will use a third-party distributor; however, Musk’s tweet confirms that owners will be able to customise and personalise the pick-up “in numerous possibilities”.

Cybertrucks in wraps

Image credit: Tesla

Tesla offers five colours for its current models, but some owners have taken this a step further by wrapping their cars with vinyl. This process can cost thousands of dollars after purchase but they result in unique looks while offering protection for the paint underneath.

As Tesla plans to begin producing the Dual and Tri-Motor variants of the CyberTruck in late 2021, reservation holders can start thinking about how they will customise the exterior of their truck.

The first company to entertain the idea of wrapping the CyberTruck was the Toronto-based company dbrand, who specialise in customising devices. Less than a week after Tesla held its event showing the CyberTruck to the world late last year, dbrand announced it would accept pre-orders for wraps for the electric pickup.

The company unveiled the electric pickup truck last November, showing off a futuristic angular body. However, its “shatterproof” windows were easily smashed during its first demonstration, proving something of an embarrassment for Musk.

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