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Zhiyun announces Crane 3S gimbal for heavier pro-camera payloads

Image credit: Zhiyun

Zhiyun's Crane 3S gimbal features a new modular design, allowing for a wider range of filming applications and more intuitive control.

Zhiyun has announced its latest pro-level camera gimbal, the Crane 3S. The successor to the Crane 3 Lab, the first generation with built-in image transmission, the new Crane 3S has a brand-new modular design to make the gimbal more flexible in the field.

With this modular approach, the gimbal can be adjusted and adapted to different camera types and weights for a variety of demanding shooting scenarios in professional photography and filmmaking.

The Crane 3S has been engineered with new “Super” motors, enabling it to handle a 6.5kg payload. The modular design in the motor axis and handles means that for larger cinema camera combos, users can attach the included extension module onto the roll axis. For smaller DSLR combos, the extension module can be removed to make the setup compact and more portable.

Pro-level cameras such as the Canon EOS 1DX; Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Cameras; Canon Cinema EOS; Sony FS and FX series, and Red Digital Cinema Cameras can all be accommodated by the Crane 3S.

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Image credit: Zhiyun

Zhiyun’s previous Crane 3 Lab introduced a new way of holding a gimbal in underslung mode with its second handle. The Crane 3S takes this another step forward, introducing a detachable second handle with two options: the “EasySling” handle and the “SmartSling” handle. Users can either mount the EasySling handle to extend the grip for more comfort when using the gimbal upright and in underslung operation, or choose to mount the SmartSling handle, which features an intuitive control panel and OLED screen for direct adjustment of both camera gimbal parameters.

The handle mods are easy to fit and remove and both provide multiple thread holes in different sizes to mount accessories. This flexible modular design makes Crane 3S compatible with a wide range of industry motorised dollies, jibs, cable cams and more.

A newly-designed locking system can lock all three axes of the gimbal without noticeable swinging. The modular design comes with double locks to ensure the setup is 100 per cent solid. Larger lens support has been added to the zoom and focus system.

The Crane 3S is also driven by a new algorithm which enables greater responsive speed and smoothness. In fast-action shooting, the Crane 3S has been designed to resist high winds, while the 55° tilted-roll axis is designed for an unrestricted view and allows enough space to mount large cinema camera combos.

The Crane 3S also has an extended run time, with three 18650-format batteries, enabling up to 12 hours of use. There is also a DC-in power port on the battery compartment, allowing the input of up to 25.2V for direct charging. To support long photo and filming shoots with larger technical setups, Zhiyun offers the “TransMount PowerPlus” battery pack, a compact, fast-charging power bank for both the gimbal and the camera. This battery pack houses six 18650 batteries and provides 18 hours of run time.

The Crane 3S gimbal also supports Zhiyun's “TransMount Image Transmission Module”, similar to the company's mid-range Weebill-S gimbal for DSLR cameras. With this transmitter, the shots being captured can be streamed to up to three separate monitoring devices, including smartphones. The ViaTouch 2.0 system in the ZY Play app bridges the communication gap between stabiliser, camera and monitoring devices, allowing you to adjust camera and gimbal parameters remotely and intuitively.

Zhiyun will be hosting a live show online at midday tomorrow (12pm, March 20) on its official YouTube channel to demonstrate the Crane 3S gimbal in detail, which will include a real-world field test, followed by a live Q&A discussion.

The Crane 3S is available to buy now at Zhiyun’s official online store.

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