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Elite group of cyber experts formed to defend healthcare services from attack

A group of 400 cyber-security experts have banded together as the 'Covid-19 CTI League' in order to fight cyber attacks on hospitals and other essential healthcare services.

The 'Covid-19 CTI League' is composed of senior specialists from major firms such as Microsoft and Amazon and are located in 40 different countries.

Its stated goal is to combat cyber attacks on healthcare facilities, which have jumped significantly in recent months following the spread of Covid-19.

Marc Rogers, one of the managers of the group, said that he’d “never seen this volume of phishing, I am literally seeing phishing messages in every language known to man.”

Phishing emails are typically designed to trick people into handing over sensitive personal information by mimicking communications from firms with whom the email recipient is already familiar.

Rogers also said that communication networks were now a high priority to defend, as more people work from home.

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) recently urged employers to take strong measures to ensure their cyber security is up to scratch as people are forced to work from home.

Andy Riley, executive director at healthcare cyber-security firm Nuspire said, “The Covid-19 outbreak represents a ready-made pretext for cyber criminals to socially engineer. It is the perfect time to hold an organisation that is already overtaxed with patient flow and uncertainty to ransom.”

The new cyber group has already tackled one hacking campaign which used a software vulnerability to spread malicious software. Rogers declined to provide details, saying that the group will be reluctant to reveal what it was fighting.

Earlier this month, hackers attempted to break into the computer network of the World Health Organisation, but were ultimately unsuccessful.

The National Crime Agency also warned that organised gangs of cyber criminals are already exploiting the public’s panic over coronavirus to launch cyber attacks.

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