IET to lead creation of UK Cyber Security Council

The IET has been selected as the lead organisation in the design and delivery of the new UK Cyber Security Council.

The new council will be developed by the Collaborative Alliance for Cybersecurity with the IET as its lead organisation, on behalf of the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport. The Alliance, which was formed in July 2018, represents 16 cyber-security organisations and related bodies, including the British Computer Society, the Engineering Council, the Royal Academy of Engineering, techUK and the IET.

The cyber-security minister Nigel Adams also announced the third round of funding via the Cyber Skills Immediate Impact Fund, which aims to increase the number and improve the diversity of the professional cyber-security community.

“The UK is a world leader in tackling cyber attacks, but we must make sure we continue to develop the talent we need to protect the public and business online,” said Adams. “This latest round of funding demonstrates our commitment to make sure the UK’s cyber security has a skilled and diverse workforce and, through our new Cyber Security Council, there are clear paths for those wishing to join the profession.”

The UK Cyber Security Council will be tasked with representing the sector as cyber security develops into a “well-structured and easy to navigate” profession. Following its development phase, the Council is expected to launch its first programmes in 2021.

Among other projects, alliance members hope that a system for cyber-security experts to receive professional recognition could be developed through the UK Cyber Security Council. The Council will also support the National Cyber Security Skills Strategy by coordinating thought leadership in cyber security.

“We welcome the announcement from [the Department] to recognise the IET as the lead organisation to build the UK Cyber Security Council,” said Ian Glover, president of non-profit alliance member CREST. “The Alliance is committed to delivering the Council for the betterment of the wider industry. This announcement represents a concrete step in advancing the UK’s current leadership position for technology innovation and resilience on the global stage.

We are already building on strong foundations that come from the extensive experience available from the stakeholder communities we represent and will continue to catalyse initiative across not just the practicing community, but also business and society as a whole.”

Simon Edwards, IET director of governance and external engagement commented: “It’s fundamental that cyber security is seen as a nationally recognised and established profession with clear career pathways. The IET, alongside an alliance of professional cyber-security organisations, will bring together the credibility and knowledge across a wide range of disciplines to further strengthen the UK’s leadership position in cyber-security innovation and resilience on the global stage.”

“With cyber-skills shortages already emerging at every level, we are committed to working with the government and the National Cyber Security Centre on delivering the rapid, yet capable development of specialist cyber skills to meet the growing needs of the industry, manage risk and secure the next generation of talent.”

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