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Intellectual Property in India

View from India: Surge in new technology IP and patents illustrate India’s potential

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India is on course to become one of the leading hubs for innovation, research and development (R&D), with the intellectual property (IP) industry also showing huge potential for growth as a result.

Companies in India are creating IP assets in the US, one of the most popular locations for filing patents. All this and more was revealed in the recent Nasscom report, ‘Emerging technologies: leading the next wave of IP creation for India.’

As the report highlights, India domiciled companies filed over 4,600 patents in the US between 2015 and 2018. A majority of these patents were in the technology domain. Artificial intelligence (AI) has been the fastest growing area, followed by Internet of Things (IoT). The share of technology patents has consistently increased from 51 per cent in 2015 to 64.8 per cent in 2017-18. Within the technology patents, the share of emerging technologies has also witnessed a consistent growth, from 38.3 per cent in 2015 to 56.3 per cent in 2017-18. However, the share of computer and communication technology patents witnessed a decline.

AI leads the emerging technologies patent race both in terms of total number of patents (330), as well as growth over the period 2015-18. Machine learning was the leading sub-domain in AI, with over 70 per cent share.

Apart from AI, there has been a consistent growth on building IP in other emerging tech domains. Patents have been filed in areas like cyber security (193), IoT (107) and cloud computing (88), accounting for over 50 per cent of the tech patents filed in 2017/18. Authentication, sensors and cloud management were the leading sub-domains in cyber security, IOT and cloud computing respectively.

Over the past few years, start-ups have contributed to the IT-BPM industry by building new innovative products and services. As per the report, in the period from 2015-18, Indian start-ups have filed nearly 200 patents in the US, the majority of which have been focused on emerging technology areas including image processing, AI, cyber security, vehicle technology and IoT.

Amongst the companies filing patents is MuSigma Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, which has filed a patent for guided analytics system and method in the AI category. MuSigma has filed multiple patent applications in the field of data analytics, specific to the domain of analysing data sets to generate models using machine learning and provide solutions to the business problem using the generated models.

Magnasoft Consulting India Private Ltd, meanwhile, leveraged the various dimensions of IoT to arrive at a wearable device for a child. Magnasoft has filed patents in the field of wearable electronic communication devices, where the wearable communication device enables a child to communicate with parents and friends, without using mobile phones. A proprietary IoT platform helps harness location, communication and mobility in a light and simple to use format. 

The growing demand for data mining encouraged MphasiS Ltd to pursue it. The company’s research led them to a system and method for optimising the aggregation and analysis of data across multiple data sources to provide an intelligent decision. Mphasis has filed patent applications in data mining and analysis for intelligent decision making.

Energy management is a challenge and requires intelligent solutions for optimising resources. The team at Mahindra Susten Pvt. Ltd, (formerly Mahindra Epc Services Pvt Ltd.) has created a system which intelligently and optimally controls power utilisation from hybrid energy sources. The company has filed patents in the field of intelligent and optimally controlled power utilisation from hybrid energy sources, which maximises the use of a renewable source of energy.

Warehouse management requires error-free operation. While warehouses have always been manned by a workforce, today robots are being sought at different levels for better consolidated outcomes. With this in mind, Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz Ltd has conceptualised a warehouse management system. The company works in the field of robotic systems and has filed patents related to using autonomous mobile robots in a warehouse management system.

Many other companies have created innovative solutions to address specific requirements and newer application areas, including cyber security, digital payments, e-commerce and navigation - all of which are contributing to India’s patent growth story.

“It has been phenomenal to witness advancements and technological innovation and human intellect with the volume of patents being recorded over the years. Innovation is the key to driving transformation and such patents and trademarks are a testimony to this transformational growth,” said Debjani Ghosh, president, Nasscom. As a country, India can further strengthen its potential as an innovation hub through more investments in research and strategic collaborations.

With over 4,600 patents filed in the last four years, and the increasing trend of patents in emerging tech areas, India is confidently moving forward on its innovation growth journey.

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