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Dassault Systèmes launches 3DExperience.Works digital portfolio

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Dassault Systèmes used the opening day of 2019's SolidWorks World, its annual user conference, to launch a new portfolio of the company’s digital applications based on the 3DExperience platform.

Tailored for SolidWorks customers and mid-market companies, the 3DExperience.Works portfolio has been desiged for ease of use and simplicity to allow organisations to benefit from the connected platform effect and deliver new experiences in what Dassault Systèmes describes as “today’s Industry Renaissance”.

The portfolio of “industry-aware applications” running on the 3DExperience platform has been tailored to the needs of existing Solidworks customers, as well as any small to medium-sized company.

Dassault Systèmes created 3DExperience.Works following its recent acquisition of IQMS, whose manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) portfolio of software applications for mid-market manufacturers has now been rebranded, Dassault-style, as DelmiaWorks.

3DExperience.Works combines social collaboration with design, simulation and manufacturing ERP capabilities in a single digital environment to help growing businesses become more inventive, efficient and responsive.

Speaking at the press launch, Bernard Charlès, vice chairman and CEO, Dassault Systèmes, said, “The market has been underserved with very costly solutions, very costly to deploy. We belive we can provide real value to serve those clients, who are now our clients for design, to really provide a more affordable, easy to deploy higher-quality set of solutions.

“The two triggering events that are making this possible are what I call the platform effect, moving from sophisticated, high-quality solutions like SolidWorks, and making this available on a cloud platform.

“It’s a catalyst that allows companies to change how they do business, to leverage a collaborative platform. We need to provide good quality, easy-to-deploy solutions.

“Suppliers of existing highly structured industries are changing themselves. Those industries are going to become true ecosystems rather than OEM suppliers. Those clients are going to be our showcases and we want to be there to serve them.”

3DExperience.Works has been designed to allow small and medium-sized companies to harness the same value that the 3DExperience platform already provides to global leaders and industry innovators: improved collaboration, manufacturing efficiency, business agility and an empowered workforce. With 3DExperience.Works, it is anticipated that a company could accomplish its work using one cohesive digital innovation environment.

Rather than deploying a complex series of “point solutions” that requires jumping between applications and interfaces, Dassault Systèmes sees 3DExperience.Works as offering the ability to connect data and streamline processes from concept to delivery by providing dashboard templates, managed services, access to industry-focused communities and user groups, and applications specific to a variety of job roles.

Looking ahead, Charlès said, “We have clarity about what we can do for the next 10 years. We have an idea of what we can achieve. This is a market of at least $5bn.

“The team understands how the platform can be used. That was the preparation we did for the last four years. The knowledge and know-how is here.

“The rationale, at least from our side, is very clear. It’s going to be a game-changer.”

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