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Samsung reveals huge Micro LED TV, partners with Apple; plus more CES 2019 news

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Samsung has revealed a 75-inch Micro LED display at CES 2019, focusing on a burgeoning display technology that could eventually replace screens found on TVs and smartphones.

Micro LEDs have several technical advantages in comparison to the OLED and LCD technology typically used today.

The displays, which consist of arrays of microscopic LEDs, offer improved contrast, response times and energy efficiency over older technology and - similar to OLED - do not require a backlight to illuminate the screen. Unlike OLED, micro LEDs do contain any organic compounds which tend to degrade over time worsening the performance of the display.

The technology is currently difficult to manufacture on a large scale, which is why it has not come to market yet, but Samsung was keen to demonstrate a prototype device at the Las Vegas show as an indication of what the future holds in its display business.

Samsung Micro LED

Image credit: samsung

It unveiled a 75-inch display (pictured above) designed for living rooms and a more unwieldy 219-inch screen dubbed “The Wall” which could be used commercially.

The 75-inch display has a 4K resolution which can go as bright as 4,000 nits, at least five times brighter than the best-performing TVs available today.

The Korean tech giant also announced a surprise partnership with its long-standing rival Apple.

The iPhone maker’s iTunes Movies and TV Shows app is to be introduced on Samsung smart TVs later in 2019, the first time the two companies have cooperated in such a manner in the TV market.

Support for Apple’s wireless AirPlay 2 connection is also to be introduced, meaning Apple iPhone and iPad users will be able to stream content to their Samsung smart TVs.

The two companies have long been rivals in smartphone, tablet and other markets, although Samsung has long been one of the major manufacturers of iPhone screens for Apple, as well as supplying Nand flash and DRam memory chips.

Won-Jin Lee, Samsung’s executive vice president for its visual display business, said: “Bringing more content, value and open platform functionality to Samsung TV owners and Apple customers through iTunes and AirPlay is ideal for everyone.”

bread baking robot

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Amongst myriad other wacky gadgets, the opening press-only days of CES 2019 saw an autonomous robot that can mix, proof and bake mulitple loaves of bread in just 90 minutes. The BreadBot, made by US firm the Wilkinson Baking Company, can produce a loaf every six minutes once up to full speed and was on display at the annual CES Unveiled preview show, which offers an early glimpse at many of the award-winning gadgets going on display in the main convention hall when CES 2019 officially opens to the public on Tuesday.

This year’s show has not been without its issues, having been hit by the US government shutdown which has led to several government speakers cancelling their appearances at the annual event.

The show’s organisers, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), confirmed that multiple government officials, including those from the Federal Trade Commission and Department of Homeland Security, would not be at the event.

The convention is expected to draw more than 180,000 visitors and is one of the biggest dates in the tech industry calendar, with thousands of new gadgets and technologies put on display, alongside discussions around key subjects such as artificial intelligence, robotics and autonomous vehicles.

On the US government withdrawals, CTA president Gary Shapiro said: “Because of the government shutdown, some of our scheduled government speakers at CES 2019 have alerted us that they must cancel their travel to the show.

“As a result, some of our scheduled CES 2019 programming and speakers will change. We urge attendees who planned to hear US federal government speakers to check the sessions on the website to ensure those individuals are still speaking.”

The UK is set to be represented at the event by Liam Fox, international trade secretary, where he is leading a delegation of 100 British companies - the largest UK presence at the show to date.

Fox will use his time at the show to promote the UK as a leader in technology and a destination for inward investment.

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