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Bizarre Tech: Chameleon bottle and gaming toothbrush

Image credit: Chameleon

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. And if you’re stuck for gifts, have a look at these beauties.

Colour-changing water bottle

Karma, karma, karma, karma, karma chameleon. Save the planeeet, don’t buy plaaaastic!

So there’s this new water bottle called The Chameleon. It’s pretty cool. A bit bizarre. I would buy one. Maybe.

It says it will revolutionise the way we drink out of water bottles. Erm, OK. Will it make us tip the water into our mouths from a great height, like the art of pouring Moroccan tea into a cup?

So what does it do? The clue is in the name, kids. And no, it doesn’t catch flies with its super-long, sticky tongue. It changes colour. Gasp!

When cold water fills the bottle, it changes to the colour you ordered. It uses thermochromic ink that reacts to chilly temperatures. The bottle is resistant to UV rays, so your water won’t get cancer. I jest. It means that sun won’t make the bottle change its hue. It also means you’ll know exactly how full the bottle is as you’re filling and drinking from it. That would actually be super handy.

With a reusable water bottle, you usually have to guesstimate how full it is. In the end, you become one with the bottle, using the sound it makes as it’s filling as an indicator of when to stop. Either that or peering over the top constantly with that pulled expression on your face as you try not to make it overflow. What a hindrance. Warmer air inside returns the bottle to white. If your water gets warm it’ll do the same.

Look, if your water is in there long enough to get warm, you’re not drinking it fast enough. Perhaps it should be your incentive – to have a funky-coloured bottle, you have to make sure you drink it in good time.

Over one million single-use plastic bottles are used every day. The Chameleon is reusable and sustainably sourced, which is definitely a good thing. Speaking of plastic-free, check out my plastic-free Christmas feature. Yeah, that’s right. I did a shameless plug. The Chameleon comes in six colours and will be available on Kickstarter for £11 initially.

Gaming toothbrush

Because you’re not doing a good enough job.

This could just turn into a whole lot of mess and disaster. You’ll have to ensure your tablet or phone is covered in some sort of indestructible, water-resistant, wipe-clean case. Aka, child-proof.

According to a YouGov survey, nearly three in five British parents with children aged 3 to 12 say their children brush their teeth for 1 minute 30 seconds or less – some were brushing for a pitiful 30 seconds – which is below the minimum 2 minutes recommended by dentists. Well, perhaps you should barricade yourself and your child in the bathroom until they’ve done a full two minutes – supervise them, you know, the old-school way, rather than have an app do it for you.

Playbrush has made an interactive smart toothbrush called the Smart Sonic, which encourages children to brush by turning it all into a ‘fun’ game, which they play using an app on a smartphone or tablet. The Playbrush connects to the toothbrush – electric or manual – and transforms it into a game controller. It’s said this song-and-dance motivates children to brush regularly, for longer, and with greater accuracy.

Here’s some motivation kids: if you don’t brush your teeth for long enough, the tooth monster will come and pull them out one by one, and it’ll be really painful, bloody and terrifying.

The tooth monster is also known as the dentist. You have been warned.

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