View from India: Celebrating Independence Day and multi-billion dollar investments

Today, August 15, India celebrates its 72nd Independence Day.

Reform, Perform and Transform are the hallmarks of the country today. The Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi reinforced the fact that international organisations and agencies are looking at India very differently today, as compared to 2013.

“From a time of “policy paralysis”, India had moved to Reform, Perform and Transform. India is now a member of several important multilateral organisations, and is leading the International Solar Alliance,” said the PM while addressing the nation from the ramparts of the majestic Red Fort in New Delhi on the occasion of the 72nd Independence Day.

The PM’s speech has many such encouraging factors “We are all set for record economic growth,” highlighted the PM. The projected pace of economic growth is backed by the reforms undertaken ever since the Narendra Modi led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government came to power in 2014.

The world, as the PM indicated, is seeing India as a destination of multi-billion dollar investment as globally, India is the sixth-largest economy.

Even as the country prepares for global investments, it is also gearing up to unfurl its tricolour flag in space in 2022. “India is proud of our scientists and in 2022 the country will unfurl the tricolour in space,” added the PM. Gagan-Yaan which is India’s first manned space mission using its own capabilities is a project scheduled to be undertaken in 2022. India would become the fourth nation in the world to do so.

This year, six women officers of the Indian Navy have been honoured for circumnavigating the globe on INSVTarini or the Indian Navy Sailing VesselTarini. An endeavour of the Indian Navy, this all-women crew is part of the Navika Sagar Parikrama, to promote ocean sailing activities as well as to reinforce GoI’s efforts towards women’s empowerment.    

Equal opportunities for women officers in the armed forces have been announced this Independence Day. Women officers of the Short Service Commission in the Indian Armed Forces would now be eligible for permanent commission through a transparent selection process.

Throwing light on tax reforms, the PM hailed honest Indian taxpayers who have a big role in the progress of the country. There was a time when North East India was less developed compared to the rest of the country. Things look promising today as the North East has hit the headlines for a number of achievements in sports. It is increasingly being sought after for organic farming. Besides that, it also connects the last unconnected villages with electricity.

Electrification is something that the NDA government has taken very seriously. It had set a target to achieve universal household electrification by 31 March 2019. Already in April 2018, it made news as all of India’s 597,464 census villages has been electrified.

In an effort to provide healthcare for all, the PM announced and launch of Jan Arogya Abhiyan on September 25. This healthcare reform is projected to impact the lives of 50 crore citizens who will get access to good quality and affordable healthcare.

The PM acknowledged the fact that people are coming together to build the nation. This is reiterated by several examples like toilet construction, electricity reaching villages, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) gas connections and house construction.

The PM is both impatient and anxious to see India progress and eliminate malnutrition. This vision can be fulfilled by there’s Housing for All, Power for All, Clean Cooking for All, Water for All, Sanitation for All, Skill for All, Health for All, Insurance for All and Connectivity for All.

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