Kalashnikov CV1 electric car

Kalashnikov sets Tesla in its sights with new electric car

Image credit: Kalashnikov Media

Russia's famous weapons manufacturing company Kalashnikov has unveiled an electric concept car, which it claims will challenge Elon Musk’s market-leading Tesla cars.

The retro-throwback look of the prototype powder-blue Kalashnikov CV-1 is based on the chassis of a 1973 Soviet hatchback 2125 Kombi and is very much in keeping with that era’s classic minimalist, austere Eastern European aesthetic.

The CV-1’s 90kW hour battery reportedly gives it a range of 350km (approximately 220 miles) on a single charge. The company claims the car can accelerate from 0-100km/h in six seconds.

Kalashnikov CV1 electric car

Image credit: Kalashnikov Media

“This technology will allow us to stand in line with the world’s electric car manufacturers, like Tesla, and compete with them,” a spokesperson told Sputnik.

“We’re talking about competing precisely with Tesla because it’s currently a successful electric vehicle project. We expect to at least keep up with it,” Kalashnikov spokeswoman Sofia Ivanova later told reporters.

Kalashnikov CV1 electric car

Image credit: Kalashnikov Media

In contrast to the vintage exterior, Kalashnikov says the car is equipped with modern technology on the inside, including an inverter the company describes as “revolutionary”.

Further technology details about the CV-1 are scant at present, so it is not yet clear in in what ways the CV-1 could prove superior or hold any advantage over comparable Tesla cars, such as the American company’s entry-level Model 3.

However, given Musk’s current woes at Tesla, this could prove to be an opportune time for Kalashnikov - and other electric car rivals - to ramp up production pressure.

Kalashnikov, known more for its AK-47 machine guns, unveiled the CV-1 at a defense expo held near Moscow. Earlier this week, at the same expo, the company unveiled its new 4.5 tonne two-legged combat robot, codenamed ‘Igorek’, intended for “carrying out engineering and combat tasks”. Given its striking design, comparisons were immediately, inevitably, drawn with certain Star Wars robots.

With the ongoing sales success of its world-famous 30-round AK-47 automatic assault rifle, Kalashnikov Concern has of late been trying to expand its range and broaden the brand’s appeal, with a clothing range, umbrellas and mobile phone covers.

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