Giant statue of a robot by Kalashnikov

Kalashnikov puts giant military robot statue on display outside Moscow

Image credit: Kalashnikov Concern

Russian arms manufacturer Kalashnikov Concern has unveiled new designs of its military wares at the International Military Technical Forum, “Army-2018”, including a model of a large, walking robot.

The Army-2018 forum – the largest exhibition of military and special equipment – is taking place near Moscow, and will likely prove a grand showcase of the newest weapons and other defence technology. 26,000 weapons and other items are believed to be on display this year.

Kalashnikov Concern is already attracting attention for its display of a new assault rifle, vehicles and what appears to be a statue of a large, mobile military robot called Igorek.

The robot is described as a “controlled bipedal walker”, suggesting that it carries troops within its protective hull. It is a dull gold colour with a glass window, sturdy legs and short arms ending in claws. It measures in at four metres tall and 4.5 tonnes in weight.

Kalashnikov robot outside display centre

Kalashnikov Concern

Image credit: Kalashnikov Concern

According to the company, it is intended for “engineering and combat solutions”, and can manipulate objects (including weapons) with its claws. Kalashnikov suggests that it could be developed over the next year, with a more functional prototype on display at next year’s Army-2019 event.

Igorek bears a resemblance to one of the Imperial AT-AT Walkers from the Star Wars series: towering, bio-inspired walking robots used for transport and in battle. Some news outlets also compared the statue to robots from Robocop and Metal Gear.

Kalashnikov is using the exhibition to show off other new technologies, including a new version of its classic AK rifle, the AK-208, and two (more practical) utility vehicles; an electric motorbike designed for off-road travel up to 90km/h, and a hybrid four-seater buggy with separate electric engines for the front and back wheels, and a top speed of 100km/h.

Kalashnikov is by far the largest military supplier in Russia, providing 95 per cent of small arms and supplying to a further 27 countries. It is best known for its effective, low-cost Kalashnikov assault rifles (AK), although it also designs and manufactures unmanned vehicles, robots and other equipment.

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