Huawei unveils P20 Pro Pro smartphone with 48 cameras and ‘smudged’ design

Hot on the heels of the recently announced P20 and P20 Pro smartphones, Huawei has added a final model to this year’s flagship line-up with the P20 Pro Pro.

While the standard P20 variants bumped the number of cameras up to three this year, the $20,000 P20 Pro Pro comes with 48 cameras for capturing environments in 4D.

Each camera is equipped with its own triple laser system to enable accurate focusing and distance detection.

A Huawei representative warned that when every camera module was operating simultaneously the 144 lasers could potentially destroy elements of the environment around the user.

They recommended that users should only capture 4D footage when alone in open environments in order to prevent accidental damage to buildings and human tissue.

A battery pack may be needed for serious photographers, as the included 4000mAH battery is only rated for four seconds of 4D capture before the phone powers down.

Elsewhere, Huawei has made use of a ‘smudged’ back design in an attempt to differentiate its latest device from the competition.

Unlike other smartphones which are generally housed in a single colour chassis, the back of the P20 Pro Pro employs a smudgy pattern reminiscent of a poor quality Photoshop job.

Huawei has also outdone the iPhone X by including two fingerprint scanners: one at the bottom of the screen and another embedded underneath the entire display. This allows users to touch any part of the front face of the device to unlock it.

The company admitted that this left no room for the digitiser, which means the screen is not touch enabled - unlike most smartphones on the market today.

Instead, each P20 Pro Pro comes with a Bluetooth mouse that allows users to navigate the operating system (completely hands-free) whenever they are near a flat surface.

A full review will be forthcoming once E&T has acquired the protective gear necessary to use the 4D capture functionality.

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