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Elon Musk announces plans to build second Moon

Image credit: Reuters

Tesla and SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk announced his plans to build a second natural satellite for the Earth in a video posted on Twitter this morning. According to Musk, his Moon could be launched as soon as 2021.

“As you may well know, I was in the process of planning the colonisation of Mars, but when the US government started to take that seriously, I realised I needed to take things a step further,” said Musk in the video statement.

Musk is reportedly in the process of setting up a new company, The Mooning Company, which will be responsible for building, launching and maintaining the second Moon.

When asked by sceptical Twitter users about how he has the resources to build a second Moon, he replied that he would be using the nearly 50 million teratonnes of expandable foam he optimistically bought to ship Tesla’s luxury electric vehicles to its customers.

“Expandable foam is conveniently light and compact,” he wrote. “We have plans to begin launching the foam in batches and the second Moon could be ready for habitation by 2021.”

As well as leasing out space on Earth’s second Moon to research institutions, telecommunications corporations and property developers, Musk is expected to launch his Bel Air mansion into space and perform a controlled landing on the second Moon using SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy super heavy-lift launch vehicle, where he can live out the rest of his life safe from the oncoming AI apocalypse.

Despite Musk’s stated motivation for his newest project, some suspect that he may have been prompted to build the second Moon after being teased by a Reddit user, Zucks#1, in an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session about the small size of his proposed Starlink satellites, which he hopes will provide a new and improved space-based communications network.

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