Help choose the World’s Worst Banger

Beep-beep! Attention, drivers and passengers! E&T's World’s Worst Banger competition is approaching its final destination, where the lucky winner will be selected with help from the public, then announced by our experienced jury.

At this penultimate stretch of the competition’s route, we are asking you to cast your vote for one of the vehicles in this survey – the car you consider the worst vehicle on the road, the one from which all sane pedestrians and drivers should keep their distance.

To guarantee the unbiased judgement, all the photos are deliberately anonymous and marked only by numbers (in no particular order), but rest assured, we at E&T know where all the photographers and the cars on their photos are based.

Please study the cars and then cast your vote. You have until 11 April 2018. After this date, we will count the votes, announce the winning car and its photographer and post them their prize – three spectacular photo albums by Jonglez publishers.

Our humble hope is that by naming and shaming the ‘World’s Worst Banger’, we might jointly make our roads a tad safer. Good luck!

Select your favourite banger photos.

Competition terms and conditions.

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