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Frisky badgers, crafty cockatoos, fake poo and more: this is not fake news

Sometimes truth can be stranger than fiction - or so they say. From fake poo to Lego-purchasing police, E&T has covered a number of stories in the past year that are surprisingly not April Fool’s jokes.

‘Fake poo’ developed by researchers to stress test sanitation systems

Image credit: pa

Bath University researchers developed ‘fake poo’ that can be used to test and understand the drying process of faecal sludge in order to improve sanitation in developing countries

Cockatoos feast on billion-dollar broadband network cables

Close-up of perturbed cockatoo surrounded by flowers

Image credit: Dreamstime

The Australian government’s new multi-billion national broadband network found itself under attack when parrots started chewing through its cables.

Police buy rare Lego

The UK’s largest police force owns around a dozen rare Lego sets. The sets are used as part of a 'Decisions and Disruptors' exercise for business executives and officers are not allowed to play with them in their spare time.

Fog harp tuning vastly increases water harvesting potential

Fog over mountains in Chinese park

Image credit: Dreamstime

Researchers at Virginia Tech developed a ‘fog harp’ capable of collecting three times more water than a conventional ‘fog net’.

Frisky badgers force closure of Suffolk road

Badger in forest

Image credit: Dreamstime

Tunnelling badgers caused a road in Suffolk to begin to sink, forcing it to close until the end of their breeding season.

Virtual kittens craze congests cryptocurrency transactions

CryptoKitties banner

Image credit: CryptoKitties

The sky-rocketing popularity of the game ‘CryptoKitties’, involving the trading and breeding of virtual cats, led to congestion of the network behind popular cryptocurrency Ethereum.

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