Scintillating software? You tell us!

Are you the sort of engineer who looks forward with anticipation to the latest software releases, eager to play with a new set of capabilities and features?

At E&T we are always looking for new ways to bring information to our readers in the most interesting and relevant way. Who better, we thought, to review professional software than the people who are using it – our readers. So we are looking for volunteers to take on latest releases of software, put it through its paces and share your opinions with your fellow E&T readers.

We are not looking at apps or recreational software – our interest is in the software packages that engineers use to design, simulate, control, maintain etc. If you are interested please drop an email to stating what software you currently use and whether you would be interested in road-testing latest versions of this software, or alternatively competing products that you will be less familiar with. Reviewers will get a free licence to use the software for a year.

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