Kuri the home companion robot

Robots from CES 2018: smart, funny, adorable and useful

The CES 2018 consumer electronics show in Las Vegas was awash with robots of all kinds, from home helpers to autonomous delivery trucks.

Mayfield Robotics’ companion robot Kuri is now shipping to her first owners. She will patrol the home, act as a videographer for your life and entertain the children, amongst her other charms.

Kuri companion robot, having fun

The Motoroid concept motorcyle from the Yamaha Future Garage experimental lab is designed to fuse rider with bike, man with machine, for a more connected experience.

Yamaha futuristic motoroid concept

Honda unveiled three helpful, huggable concept robots, including the single-wheeled, people-friendly, soft-touch 3E-A18, which can express various emotions on its digital face.

Honda E3 robots CES 2018

LG showed several CLOi service robots at CES, although it was this home smart speaker ’bot version that became instantly legendary for its excruciating silent non-compliance during its offical unveiling.

LG's CLOi robot

Robomarts envisions the future of grocery shopping with these roving autonomous home delivery trucks, which customers summon from an app and then select goods and produce themselves.

Robomart grocery delivery vehicle

Keecker is another home patrol robot, with a 360-degree camera on top of its head, as well as media playback skills, Google Assistant and a projector, so for example it can stream Netflix onto a wall or ceiling.

Keecker and family enjoying a film together

Aeolus has arms with seven degrees of freedom, enabling it to perform household chores such as vacuuming and putting away the dishes. Amazon Alexa and Google Home are also built in.

Aeolus robot CES 2018

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